Got keys?

Yup! We have an ACTUAL upright piano that I drag out every week. It's a little wonky but its ours.

Can I use a backing track?

Sure. We do prefer live instruments for the vibe of the night, but if you're doing rap/hip hop or another highly produced music and just need that track feel free to bring it. PLEASE DO NOT bring a track that contains your lead vocal line. Aka Your backups & harmonies are fine but please don't bring in tracks with your top line on the recording. Its impossible to make it sound good. ALSO there's NO Wifi or cell service for most carriers in the basement so make sure your track is all loaded and ready to go. 

I have a one man band 18 piece 7 input set up, but it only takes 5 minutes to set up! Can I bring it and just play one song?!?!

No. Really? I mean... Think of the flow of the show! Or generally how weird that would be for people... Just... Really? It's an Open Mic! There's like 19 - 22 other people trying to get up there. COME ON!

Ok Fine its just a looper pedal now. It sounds almost exactly the same as the previous set up, but now its just a looper pedal and a distortion pedal. how about that?!?

Sure. Just try to bring batteries for the pedals if you can, and know that your set up time cuts into your stage time. In all actuality I will try to get your set up on stage in an efficient way. I just ask that you are considerate of other people waiting to play. 

Are covers allowed?

Sure! But take note if you play a cover you are disqualified from reaching the final round. The competition is all originals. WEIRD covers seem to go over really well in this room. Your "Free Fallings" and "Brown Eyed Girl"s of the music world tend to land a little flat for some reason. That being said though everyone anywhere can sing the Beatles... Who knows!? Tonight might be the Brown Eyed Girl sing along night! ... ... ... O_O...

Do I have to sing to be in the Competition?

Nah. Instrumentalists can win for sure. Your poets and MOTH style story tellers can't WIN per say, because it is a music competition, but they are certainly more than welcome to perform.

Can I do comedy?!?!

Nah... I mean generally. No. It's a tough room for comics, and we don't typically have comedians on stage. If you're Patton Oswalt or something we can talk. But as a general rule we don't do comedy.